Underpants Spaceman Dance
Kevin Barber with Dennis Caiazza & Matthew Higgins

Directed and Edited by Nick Zeigler and Carson Hughes
Filmed by Nick Zeigler

Kevin's live action shot on location while saving planet Earth.
Folsom Prison Blues
Live at Miramonte -Temecula, California
March 14, 2011

23 second snap-shot vid of the Johnny Cash classic taken by Nick on his iPhone.
  Trevor Davis on bass, Matthew Higgins on drums.
Grettings From Memphis
Kevin Barber and the Lucky Sevens

Directed & Edited by Nick Zeigler

Filmed at and during the trip from fabulous Las Vegas to the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN.
Elivs Week 2002
Memphis, TN

Filmed, Directed & Edited by Nick Zeigler

Featuring: Kevin Barber, Heather Barber & King Fans & Elvis-o-Plenty!

Kevin sheds his remaining locks at annual St. Baldrick's fundraiser.